Did he really say that? (Big Mick-special!)

by Henrik on March 5, 2009 · 2 comments

Wolverhamptons manager Mick McCarthy har seglat upp som en värdig utmanare till den odödliga citat-mästaren Ian Holloway.

Här följer några av Big Micks bästa citat på senare tid:

“The ref was never going to give us a spot-kick. Plymouth would have needed to grab him, rob him of his clothes and tie him up before he recognised an offence!”
Tveksamt om domaren heller kommer ge Big-Mick några fördelar nästa match

“Don’t even suggest Plymouth is an easy game. Look at it this way. There’s a greyhound going through a field and he sees a rabbit. The rabbit starts running. The greyhound fancies a bit of snap but the rabbit fancies his life. Who runs the hardest? The rabbit, absolutely. That’s been my view on life.”
Så djupt, så vackert

“F**king abysmal, that was what I f**king thought of it. C’mon, let’s get to it, I’m trying my best here. What did I make of it? I thought it was the best bit of f**king football I’ve seen in a long time. Do me a favour. It was a c**p start to a game. There you have it, can you print all that? F**king rubbish, absolute tosh. Drivel. S**te. Bulls**t. That’s what I thought of it. Did that help? I’m quite pleased, apart from the fact that’s given them the poxy result, I’m f**king livid about it – of course I am. So, there you have it.”
Vältaliga Joe Kinnear känner avund efter att Mick McCarthy sammanfattat Wolves 1-0-förlust borta mot Reading (målet redan i andra minuten) med ovan poesi

“There’s two scenarios here. It’s an anagram, isn’t it? If I get promoted I’m a god and if we don’t I’m a dog.”
Man blir rörd när Big Mick gör det otydliga tydligt

“If my wife leaves me, now that’s a crisis. And if she takes the kids with her, that’s even worse!”
Big Mick känner ingen större press av Wolves dåliga form

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Jonas February 1, 2009 at 22:17

Aaah, Mr McCarthy… Man blir alldeles varm inombords av dessa verbala och välartikulerade tränare.

Henrik February 4, 2009 at 10:16

Dean Windass känns annars jävligt spot-on med denna kommentar:

“Some young footballers need to go out and earn £140 a week on a building site,” said Windass. “Then when they do earn money in football they will appreciate it.”

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